• Heliotrope Oryctolagus
Heliotrope Oryctolagus Heliotrope Oryctolagus

Heliotrope Oryctolagus


Heliotrope Oryctolagus



The Heliotrope Oryctolagus is a rare creature whose appearance takes many forms - those who have sighted it often describe the being as “rabbitlike”, “otherworldly”, and “staring directly into my soul”. Most report an overwhelming desire to feel sunlight as well as a sensation of being examined with curiosity and gentleness. Most reports suggest that the creature is silent.

The origins of the Heliotrope Oryctolagus are not well understood, and are further obfuscated by its’ amorphous physical composition. Eyewitnesses have described the creature manifesting as living clouds, wood, industrial machinery, or meshes of ornate fabrics flowing across the sky. Most sightings prior to the 1990s describe an impossibly large creature quietly inhabiting the clouds, although more recently the creature has been sighted on smaller scales in tree branches, internet advertising, or peering out of corporate artwork in the hallways of office buildings.

Despite its’ varied physical forms, the defining characteristics of Heliotrope Oryctolagus encounters are consistent - a powerful presence with an approximately rabbitlike form, a sudden and powerful longing for sunlight, and a pleasant sense of approval. Many report prolonged psychological well-being following the encounter.

Various ancient mythologies recount different versions of a being resembling the Heliotrope Oryctolagus. It is usually revered as a harbinger of prosperity and creative fruition.

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Length (inches) 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
Width (inches) 16 ½ 18 20 22 24 26 28 30

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