If you’re interested in working together, I'd love to listen to where you’re at and discuss how I can support you.

Send me a message at alex@spiritandglitch.com, or use the link below to book a 30 minute consultation free of charge.  


Main offerings:

  • Company culture consulting. 
  • Corporate innovation consulting. I live on the edges of tech and creativity and love bringing out brilliance in people. 

Other professional situations in which I enjoy consulting:

  • Your company (<50 people) has outgrown the processes and systems which made it successful and you want to take them to the next level
  • You’re working with a bunch of smart, talented people and team dynamics are having issues
  • You want to have a weekly/biweekly/monthly systems thinking check-in for your business
  • You want to improve your creative flow
  • You want your team's creative flow
  • Anything to do with A.I. and workflow
  • You want to make A.I. art or leverage A.I. in your graphic design business

Journeys I’ve been on and enjoy guiding:

  • Exploring spirituality from secularism/atheism/agnosticism/rationalism, without dogma, without sacrificing agency or truth
  • Bringing intuition and creativity to life for analytical people, especially engineers
  • Developing a fuller, healthier understanding of masculinity and transcending the self-destructive aspects of modern masculine culture
  • Exploring consciousness. Broadly speaking. Wherever you’re at. I love being a guide and an instigator for this.

Other services I enjoy providing:

  • Acting as an intuitive mirror. I have a dual ability to sense bullshit and lovingly put it in context instead of creating confrontation about it
  • Learning how to wield A.I. as an artist. There's a lot of nuance to it.
  • You just feel like working together would be interesting. Name your intention. I like surprises.

I have experience with a lot of internal journeying methods, tools, and frameworks, and I’ve been across the gap from secularism to spirituality and can translate fluently between both sides. I have a lifelong curiosity about the depths of human experience, which I explore through radical shifts in life trajectory and saying yes to where my intuition guides me. 

I enjoy acting as a guide for people starting to step into spirituality (specifically - sharing experiences + metatools and perspectives that are useful to me, not steering them towards any specific worldview), acting as an intuitive mirror, and helping people (especially engineers and technical people) strengthen their relationship with their intuition.

I have very strong intuitions for group processes and team dynamics. I’ve played active roles in a number of conventional and unconventional communities, groups, projects, and companies. 

I’ve worked professionally as a company-level systems & processes consultant for one of the best companies to work in the US, worked in multiple fields of engineering (mechanical, manufacturing, software, machine learning, AI art), I’ve led an extremely complicated technical Burning Man art project build, and I’ve started a clothing company. 

I lean towards offering guidance or consulting over being directly involved in projects, but if things are aligned (regenerative, creative) or could employ friends in an aligned way that allows creative freedom, I’m potentially interested. 

Also, if there’s something above you’d like me to do a detailed writeup on and share freely, send me an email at alex@spiritandglitch.com. I have strong, complex opinions on most subjects. If there’s enough demand for something (and as it supports my 1:1 work), I’ll write it up. I’m here to help.