Introducing...Intuition as a Service. Or IaaS, for short.

This is an experiment. But it's one that I think will succeed. The business world is starting to come around - as recently highlighted by the Wall Street Journal.

My intuition honed on more than a decade of analytical rigor in the engineering world, multiple worlds of experience with organizational models and group dynamics, and a lifetime of curiosity-to-the-point-of-danger dives into human nature. And, lot of deep shadow work and cleanup work on my own attachment patterns and consciousness. 

I've helped people find clarity on business problems, technical problems, personal problems, and I want to see what surfaces of making this available online.

Intuition is necessary for innovation. For creativity. For life, as far as I'm concerned. For things to truly move forward and evolve.

Some suggested use cases:

  • Sharing the nastiest most complicated multidimensional professional/personal/engineering problem you have and seeing if you can get somewhere new with it
  • Getting clarity on a loop that you feel stuck in
  • Understanding a frustrating group or team dynamic and how you can change it
  • Navigating a complex terrain of choices, personal or professional
  • Cutting through bullsh*t when you know it's present but you don't know what or where it is

Current rate while I'm running this experiment is $100/hr - if it takes off, this will increase dramatically.

Come at me with problems that are worth at least that much to you to solve.

No sharing of anything illegal or that would put me in an ethically conflicted position - your decisions are 100% your own. I only offer insight and perspective.

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