Alex Maki-Jokela is more than an A.I. artist and clothing designer - he has backgrounds in multiple fields of engineering and a lifetime of experience exploring the subtle nuances of creative flow, especially in technical environments.

His repertoire ranges from creating machine learning systems from scratch in a corporate environment to building Burning Man art cars to helping wildly successful crowdfunded businesses uplevel their company-level systems to support the next level of their growth. 

He has been interviewed by Inc Magazine and The Fashion Robot, and has given talks on A.I. and creativity.

No problem, company, or community is too unconventional - Alex thrives on the edge where best-practice solutions don't exist yet.

The unifying thread of his experience is that he has a deep-seated passion for human potential and setting it free.

He offers consulting in the following two areas: 

1) 1:1 coaching on creative flow - this can be for artists, engineers, executives - identifying blocks and working through them - and using them as transformational stepping stones for growth.

2) Working with team and company leaders to better manage teams and create fertile environments for innovation, and productivity that pays for itself many times over.

He values integrity and heart-centered business, and works from that as a basis of all professional relationships.

If you're interested - use the link below to schedule an exploratory 30 minute consultation free of charge: