🌌 Evolving through Shadows 🌌

This post is about dealing with fear and shadows.

It can be sort of tempting, when dealing with such things, to try to go to the opposite. Throw some positivity on that. Love and Light. More love! More light!

Love and light are great. And...

A lot of the times that just puts you in this sort of escalation where you’re just trying to ignore the negative by making the positive louder.

It doesn’t work like that 🖤 You need to acknowledge the bad stuff and work through it or else you’ll drive yourself and the people around you insane.

Stay focused on the situation, but try shifting to a different frame that’s neutral relative to the one you’re stuck in.

Instead of trying to ignore Fear to Not Fear (opposing forces), for example, shift from Fear to Truth (different lens).

What’s the whole truth here, including the parts that are creating fear, and including the parts that my fear is blinding me to?

And then from there, you can see the good, the bad, and the ugly in more context.

And break out of the loop.

And then you can do the love and light part.

Any given situation has an infinite number of valid stories through which you can see it.

Some are destructive, some are meh, some are useful.

The faster you find the useful stories that fully describe the situation, the faster you transcend a lot of problems.

You still have to deal with the situation, but you're not stuck anymore.

It’s not a silver bullet, but I find this kind of shifting helpful when I find myself getting increasingly off-balance reacting to a situation instead of solving it.

Fear->Truth is only one example. There are infinite.

Curious to hear y'all's thoughts and experiences.

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