Bubble Rose Peach Power

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bubble rose peach power graphic printed leggings

The energies in this design are around feminine power, bubbling up to the surface.

As best as I can channel and express my experience of, and with it, as a man.

There are two sides.

On the feminine side - these energies are about owning your power, discarding the projections of brutality or aggression that may come from men, and trusting the masculine to get over his fragile ego one day and meet you in it.

On the masculine side - they are about recognizing feminine power and meeting it not in competition but in acknowledgement and providence.

They are about choosing to grow past projections of weakness and insecurity, acknowledging the bounty of our gifts and the effects of how we choose to wield them, and evolving past the banality of competition.

These lessons come from my own adventures and missteps.

I have utmost respect for women who compete in arenas traditionally run by men and who rise to the top.

I also see the ways that men project their own learned brutality onto these women and expect them to live into it (and have done a fair amount of that myself).

And, I can see the world-changing beauty that’s on the other side of that.

There is a grace and a nurturance to truly feminine power that, when the immature collective role playing is transcended, heals individuals, communities, and worlds in ways that most of us have never experienced.

But it’s only available on the other side of some serious growth - particularly on the part of men.

Leggings: https://spiritnglit.ch/RosePeach

All of our leggings are made in the US, from comfortable, high-quality poly-spandex microfiber yarn. If things don’t fit, we happily do returns and exchanges. We also carry plus sizes and mens' sizes.

All of our artwork is made with love, care, and generally reflects personal shifts that I'm experiencing and want to manifest and share.

There's also some thoughtful artificial intelligence magic which powers our unique aesthetic style.



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